Currently living in Alexandria Virginia with my wife, my dog and my cat.


I am a Senior Software Engineer at Amazon working on Prime Video Sports.


I worked on the Tesla mobile app. This app uses many different technologies including: BLE, Cryptography, Protobufs, Objective-C++, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Typescript, Javascript. Using React Native, SwiftUI and Android Views to deliver features across Android and iOS. Sometimes I got to work on features on the car in C++.

I worked on Alexa Fitness to support the Echo Buds. Alexa Fitness allows you to handsfree control your workouts with Alexa. My first time shipping code on Android and working with SwiftUI on iOS.

At FireTV I led a rewrite of the FireTV mobile app for iOS. We needed to rewrite to rebuild the foundations of the application to support new devices like the FireTV Recast. We brough over much of the old functionality by introducing interfaces at critical boundaries like navigation, analytics, authentication and swapping in the newer implementations. This project taught me a lot about preserving working code while building foundations for the future.

At Victorious we built a white label app service for modern creators to reach their audience. We engineered this with a flexible server driven component system, controlled by a CMS to configure and control applications remotely.